What are you going to do today? I'm going to stay in and watch this movie. 我的礼拜日要怎么过呢?我今天想呆在家里看这部电影。[鼓掌] http://t.cn/R6x0f0r http://t.cn/R2pyPvw ​

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一个字: Awesome! http://t.cn/R64O7JK http://t.cn/RxdIGVh ​

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出差回来,直接开会。真的很累,但是还是你自己去健身。爽!我们的 自然发音进阶版已经开始报名了!点下面的link! http://t.cn/R64O7JK http://t.cn/R2W6LFr ​

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这周的 Johnny 教你说美语的主题是 Gadgets! 赶快点一下下面的link 来看! http://t.cn/R6Vcx6N http://t.cn/R2W6LFr http://t.cn/R6VclQH . ​

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北京: Thank you for a great trip! Hope to see you soon. [悲伤] http://t.cn/Ry41vSf ​

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Nice conversation with a great team! http://t.cn/Ry41vSf ​

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南锣鼓巷 - A mix of old a new Beijing[哈哈] http://t.cn/R2WJPAS ​

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北京- 颐和园, Summer Palace. http://t.cn/R2WJoD1 ​

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出差的时候,还是要找个时间练! No rest! http://t.cn/Ry41vSf ​

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在北京吃好吃的! http://t.cn/Ry41vSf ​

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在北京吃好吃的! http://t.cn/Ry41vSf ​

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Beijing! Here we come! ✈️ ​

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TGIF! 我要去北京! 所以我们这周的 Johnny 教你说美语 的主题是 ”Travel"! http://t.cn/R6vtyT4 http://t.cn/RxdIGVh http://t.cn/R6vtyYH . ​

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Come and look at my videos: “公司姑娘的生日! Happy Birthday!”, Click here to play>>http://t.cn/Rig7hDS(via Meipai) ​

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这组同学太厉害!![哈哈] Good job everyone! See you Thursday! http://t.cn/R2W6LFr ​

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爱上了这家. 锻炼完喜欢来这里吃它们的胡桃鸡肉三明治。I love this place! Their sandwiches are a great post-workout snack. [哈哈] http://t.cn/zRIhahs ​

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学生们,不要忘记你每天可以免费的跟我学一句英文! Have some Fun With Phrases with me each day! [Grin] http://t.cn/RiuoC89 http://t.cn/Ry4Bvz9 ​

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这种天气最适合吃火锅! Cold and rainy outside... perfect weather for hotpot! [哈哈] http://t.cn/R2W6LFr ​

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礼拜六! Saturday= exercise, sweat, food and drink! [加油][干杯] http://t.cn/R2W6LFr ​

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Hey everybody! Come check out my new weekend broadcast on 喜马拉雅《Johnny带你读英语美文》😄 http://t.cn/RiQs0AI一起听听吧!(分享自@喜马拉雅FM ) ​

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