Thanks for being great tonight! This hot drink helps my throat hold up for our classes! 喝一杯这个,上课就没问题![哈哈] ​

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Wow! Thank you so much for the presents! 今天收到的礼物. 非常感动。 我小时候就住 Chicago, 大学就在 加州的 U.C. Davis 念的。😊 ​

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谢谢大家!你们很棒!Thanks for a great first class! ​

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It all begins tonight! ​

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How was your day? Mine was busy, busy, busy ... 自然发音基础班 PDF, 影片,Johnny 教你说口语 Fun With Phrases 音档, Johnny 教你说美语 音档,影片.... [黑线] Don't forget our 自然发音基础班 starts tomorrow! ​

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锻炼, Brunch, 肉夹馍,换了家里的门锁, 喝个东西开会... 我的周末蛮忙的. My weekend was pretty full. 你呢?不要忘记报名我们的自然发音课! 礼拜二就开始了! ​

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TGIF, the weekend is here! 来看一下我们这周的 Johnny 教你说美语! 主题是, my neighborhood,我的生活社区.[哈哈] ​

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要吃午餐!lunch time! 😁不要忘记报名我们的自然发音基础班!😁 Meipai) ​

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Hello 朋友们! Thank you so much for your Valentine's Day gifts! 谢谢你们的情人节礼物。[爱你] ​

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不要忘记报名我们的自然发音基础班![哈哈]下礼拜要开课! See you guys in class! (点下面的link就可以看试听课的视频) ​

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Happy Valentine's Day! 情人节快乐!😊 . ​

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同事买的草莓! Yummy strawberries ! [爱你] ​

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A nice workout to start my day off right! 一大早去运动真的很爽![加油]还有一天的时间可以get 我们自然发音基础班的 early bird special! Don't miss it! 看下面的link. ​

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跟我学英语吧!Let's have some Fun With Phrases! 😊

知语美语从头学 :今天教大家Get On的用法

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元宵节快乐🏮! Don't forget to sign up for my Phonics Class! C Click here to play>> Meipai) ​

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✈️谢谢大家的关心! I'm back in Shanghai now. Ready to work! 不要忘记报名我们的 自然发音基础班! 下面的link 有更多 information! ​

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情人节快到了! What are your plans? 刚快来听我这周的 ”Johnny 教你说美语”! [爱你][爱你] ​

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“Chili's 的汉堡🍔……sooo goooood!” Meipai) ​

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Come and look at my videos: “帮了我妈妈买了一个小的包包👝”, Click here to play>> Meipai) ​

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Start your day off right! 有机会运动真的很棒![嘻嘻] 不要忘记报名我的自然发音课! 很快要开始!想知道更多吗?check 一下下面的二维码! ​

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