<Magazine>《外交》杂志 Foreign Affairs - 2018年7-8月,PDF下载地址:http://t.cn/RBk0UQb ​

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<Magazine>Reader's Digest USA 2018年7-8月,PDF下载地址:http://t.cn/RBkpG3T ​

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<Magazine>The Economist Europe Edition 2018年6月16日, PDF下载地址:http://t.cn/RBBRjkG ​

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<Magazine>Brain World Magazine Summer 2018,PDF下载地址: http://t.cn/RBB8OyQ Overview: Brain World explores cutting-edge revelations about the brain and how they affect human health, culture, education, global issues, and more. Brain World introduces the latest advances in neur ​

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<Magazine>《时代周刊》Time USA 2018年6月25日,PDF下载地址: http://t.cn/RBBHIHa ​

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<Magazine>《纽约客》The New Yorker 2018年6月25日,PDF下载地址:http://t.cn/RBBTIi6 ​

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<Magazine>The Economist 2018年6月16日, PDF下载地址:http://t.cn/RBNCqIS Audio Edition:http://t.cn/RBNCqIa Epub:http://t.cn/RBNCqMP Mobi:http://t.cn/RBNCqIX Word:http://t.cn/RBNCqIK ​

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<Magazine>计算机杂志《PC World》2018年6月,PDF下载地址:http://t.cn/RBNKeb3 ​

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<智库报告-China&International Relations>China and the International Order BY RAND Corporation(兰德公司) 2018,PDF下载地址:http://t.cn/RBNoOhN Editor's Note: The question of how China's rise will affect the post–World War II international order carries considerable significanc ​

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<智库报告-Economy>The Economist (Intelligence Unit) - Cause for concern? The top 10 risks to the global economy 201806,PDF下载地址:http://t.cn/RBNJd0H Editor's Note: In an age of increased unpredictability and event risk, firms and governments are more than ever seeking to in ​

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<Newspaper>《纽约时报》The New York Times 2018年6月13日, 下载地址:http://t.cn/RBSKtqb ​

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<Magazine>《福布斯》Forbes 2018年6月30日,PDF下载地址:http://t.cn/RBSSrB6 ​

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<Magazine>《彭博商业周刊》Bloomberg Businessweek 2018年6月11日,PDF下载地址:http://t.cn/RBSaj26 ​

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<Magazine>National Geographic Traveller UK : Trips of a Lifetime 2018,PDF下载地址: http://t.cn/RBf7AfQ Overview: National Geographic Traveler is the world's most widely read travel magazine. With captivating storytelling and beautiful you-are-there photography, National Geogr ​

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<Magazine>《纽约客》The New Yorker 2018年6月18日,PDF下载地址:http://t.cn/RBfhhda ​

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<Magazine>《时代周刊》Time International Edition 2018年6月18日,PDF下载地址: http://t.cn/RBqltG1 ​

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<Magazine>《时代周刊》Time USA 2018年6月18日,PDF下载地址: http://t.cn/RBqWTK6 ​

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<Magazine>《自然》杂志 Nature 2018年5月3日,PDF下载地址:http://t.cn/RBqOBVU ​

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<Magazine>《科学》Science 2018年5月4日,PDF下载地址:http://t.cn/RBqOvsP ​

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<Magazine>The Economist 2018年6月9日, PDF下载地址:http://t.cn/RBhvmeP Audio Edition:http://t.cn/RBhvmeh Epub:http://t.cn/RBhvmeZ Mobi:http://t.cn/RBhvmgD Word: http://t.cn/RBhvmgg ​

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