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元旦快乐!年末假期和往年一样我回长野享受了传统的过年。祝大家事业顺利!快要到春节假期了!!遅くなりましたが、新年明けましておめでとうございます!年末年始は例年の如く帰省し英気を養いました。今年もどうぞ宜しくお願いします!Late Happy New Year to you all, wish you have an unforgettab ​

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Restarted a life in Shanghai from last week! Would like to try something new to the work and find s http://t.cn/RCebpKL ​

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Our baby boy was finally born on 20th July, 2017 :) Thank you for all of your blessings! http://t.cn/RKBn0lT ​

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The year draws to a close. As usual I went back to Nagano crossing several mountains capped with sn http://t.cn/RIgDMuA ​

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Finally completed the world Guinness manga, Kochikame! Its a history of Japanese subculture! 终于收到所有 http://t.cn/RIg1TPq ​

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夏威夷岛 Big Island http://t.cn/RIg1GiC ​

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汉堡 Hamburg http://t.cn/RIg1zWJ ​

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伦敦 London http://t.cn/RIg3RZ7 ​

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霧ヶ峰 Kirigamine Highland http://t.cn/RcRE2kX ​

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Johannesburg 约翰内斯堡 http://t.cn/RcRRbGQ ​

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Mozambique 莫桑比克 http://t.cn/RcR8RGE ​

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Grand Finale http://t.cn/RcRQNcJ ​

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Singapore Cricket Club 新加坡板球俱乐部 http://t.cn/RcRHWz8 ​

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真田の里 上田城 Ueda Castle http://t.cn/RcRHpRp ​

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Gazing http://t.cn/RcRHxnH ​

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北志賀竜王 Ryuo SORA terrace http://t.cn/RcRTRYd ​

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戸隠 奥社 http://t.cn/RcRYjg6 ​

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Happy New Year 2016! First sunrise on New Years Day. 今年も宜しくお願い致します!祝你心想事成,全家平安! ​

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TOYAMA キラリ http://t.cn/RUAKf9i ​

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姨捨山の棚田 http://t.cn/RUAoENh ​

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