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Beauty is thirsty [微笑][心][微风] http://t.cn/R2d4UM6 ​

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Thanks to GM Frank and Chef Yang, I could cook Indian dishes in hotel today [微笑] It was an enjoying experience as they liked those [馋嘴] That's all that I did on this day of 5.20 [挤眼][心][微 http://t.cn/z8yX7Z9 ​

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看起来你太不开心、cheer up,明天是 5.20 http://t.cn/z8yX7Z9 ​

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I prefer to focus on the lonely flower, Surrounded by pomp & glare, Yet searching for a face familiar - Forever, As years rain on like a stormy shower ... http://t.cn/z8yX7Z9 ​

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Looking at an obscured evening train, Through the sparkling glass pane, After a short storm with heavy rain [心][微风] http://t.cn/z8yX7Z9 ​

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The scenery is changing but I still love the same pizza [嘻嘻] http://t.cn/z8yX7Z9 ​

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Cooking in Kunming [嘻嘻][馋嘴][嘻嘻] http://t.cn/RI9RdU5 ​

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I am supposed to leave in a few hours and the storm has arrived just now ... Hope my flight MU556 to Kunming will be on time http://t.cn/RRlz1MD ​

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On the birth anniversary of Tagore, a tiny beauty blossoming to mesmerise all with sweet fragrance 🙏[心][微风] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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I can post the photos, alas photos are sans fragrance... http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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Aging with elegance ... http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a http://t.cn/RukuJPU ​

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The ray of the end of weekend finds its way... http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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See how big is my "plate" [坏笑][心][微风] http://t.cn/RRlz1MD ​

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A thunderstorm came to Kolkata with me. So it's not at all hot like peak of Indian summer in May. The air is clean too [微笑][心][微风] http://t.cn/RRlz1MD ​

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我来过重庆江北机场很多次 但是这时第一次来了T3。现在等飞机MU2985,去昆明 然后今天晚上去印度加尔各答。今天回家、可能下月13号回来重庆,见好朋友们[飞机][心][微风] http://t.cn/R2LQx6W ​

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Next time, I hope to get a long stay visa - easily, like the good old days until 2014 [嘻嘻] I should have gone to Wuhan today [偷笑] It's so close [微笑] http://t.cn/z8yX7Z9 ​

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Seeing the setting sun Through the curly curtain, As another day passes by, Like that speeding crowdy train. A train that comes And goes away again, Filled with so many, Running for some money, But betrayed by a life Full of severe stress And unbearable pain. Still life ​

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九年前 2009年5月24号 我第一次租了这个房间,今天也在这里[微笑][心][微风] http://t.cn/z8yX7Z9 ​

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Cooked Indian style dishes in Chongqing with my good old French friend - Olivier. Didn't add much chilli and gave a bit less salt, as his children were to eat those, still, I felt like eating at home [微笑] http://t.cn/RLGT9MM ​

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三年多没来过这个面馆,老板还是没忘记了我。今天点了一碗麻辣的碗杂面。老师做了面以后我加了更多的辣椒 。我很喜欢重口味的。三年的时间很长、面馆变了、现在比较干净的。2012年的时候吃了一碗面 6/7 块钱,现在12块。在酒店我可以吃免费的西餐但是比较喜欢这样的重庆菜。很想下次带好朋友们一起来, ​

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