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他们来了见我[嘻嘻] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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Today the annual festival of Gangasagar Mela was celebrated about 100 kms south of Kolkata. More than 2.5 million people took a dip at the confluence of river ganga and sea (sagar). On this day we eat some sweet dumplings. Some are boiled in milk too. http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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swarup :Today is the 155th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda - the Hindu monk who founded Ramakrishna Mission and taught us to be fearless to do the right thing, to care about lives🙏🌹 http://t.cn/RU1MwOj

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早上好[太阳][心][微风] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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Free for all dance during annual picnic of my school friends with family [可爱] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a http://t.cn/EGChmSf ​

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Around Hotel Dhanaulti Heights - a Government undertaking http://t.cn/Ryh6x8y ​

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Haridwar http://t.cn/Ryh6x8y ​

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我和我朋友们愿你新年快乐🙏[可爱]🙏[微风] http://t.cn/RoZ0RG1 ​

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Qutub Minar complex of New Delhi http://t.cn/RoZ0RG1 ​

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我们来了新德里 http://t.cn/RoZ0RG1 ​

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圣诞节快乐 Merry Christmas বড়দিনের শুভেচ্ছা [蛋糕][围脖]🎄 http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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A close up [嘻嘻] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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今天工程大学的好朋友同学们来了见我[可爱][可爱][可爱] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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冬至的羊肉饭[馋嘴] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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My wise friend is back to visit me [笑cry] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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冬天的蓝天[太阳] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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First flower flourishing http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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Home made "Chinese dishes" of India - Fried rice & chilly chicken. Chilly chicken is a "Chinese" dish that I never found in China[嘻嘻][哈哈][笑cry] It's a delicious dish with a combination of Hot-Sweet-Sour-Salt balance in the same order of influence. http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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Nice weather here [微笑] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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Sky says it's time to fly ... http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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