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Today, 21st February, is the International Day of Mother Language. It remembers the day of sacrifice by the people of Bangladesh, during their freedom struggle, to protect their mother language- Bangla / Bengali. Let's have the will & effort to try to preserve & promote all langu ​

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新年快乐💖[微风][鲜花] http://t.cn/RRlz1MD ​

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新年快乐 🙏[心][微风] May the year of Dog make all happy http://t.cn/RRlz1MD ​

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Along with Valentines day, this year, today is also the night to worship Shiva - the night of Shiva ratri. Very best wishes for all. http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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Today - Let the heart be bold Not to follow whatever it is told In the name of any society, That ignores the plight of humanity, But be bold to say - That has the rights to find its own way, To be there, where there is no barrier And enjoy the life together With happiness an ​

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Best wishes on this festive week [心][微风][鲜花] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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Of all the flowers, I love the most to grow Pansy in winter of Bengal [微笑][鲜花][心] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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A beautiful flower expressing it's desire to mesmerise all with brilliant texture and colour [微笑][鲜花][心] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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下一代 [微笑] Next generation is growing up fast [微笑] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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South Indian delicacy : Masala Dosa http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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Bengali delicacy : Luchi is fried hand made bread. Peas Kachuri is stuffed with fried and mashed green peas. Along with it is Alur Dum. It's boiled potato cooked in mustard oil with lots of Onion, ginger and garlic paste along with chilly and lots of aromatic spices. ​

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我很喜欢加尔各答的羊肉Biriyani 米饭和土豆[馋嘴] http://t.cn/Rhgsmgb ​

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If we feel cold, trapped in a concrete jungle blanketed by snowy white, let us help the sunlight to pierce through our smog to remove the fog, so that Tiny can blossom freely to bring back colours of Spring in our daily life [微笑][心][微风] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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For people of equatorial plains, like me, ice and snow in far away mountains, are always exciting and cherished for long. Hope those experiencing heavy snow right now are fine and warm at home to enjoy it too ❄️[心][微风] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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Best wishes on this Republic Day of India praying that we all can live liberal humane life together - with lots of love and true peace of life as we prosper 🇮🇳[微风]🙏

swarup :今天是印度的国庆节。Today is the Republic Day of India. May we all prosper together - with all countries, especially our neighbors; may there be no barrier stopping any humane endeavour 🇮🇳 http://t.cn/z8yqUZO

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Our picnic of 2018 for RRKM89 held on 21st Jan [微风] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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Winter breeze blowing on the Mustard flowers of my beautiful Bengal to welcome you to visit us and tour together [微笑][心][微风] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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Today is Saraswati Puja - the day to worship Goddess of Art & knowledge 🙏 We eat vegetarian dishes today. Mostly we use those flowers in photos for worship of this Goddess. http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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As evening sets in, the sparrows are leaving for their nests. The lonely Bulbul keeps singing and calling for his partner to be back and rest in their nest together. Hope she can hear him, hope she will return soon ... [微风] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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Bengal Global Business Summit 2019 (next year) will be held on February 7-8. Let's strive together to ensure signing of multiple mutually beneficial projects on that meet [微笑][鲜花][微风] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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