Hi! Here's something from the Shenzhen Daily on January 5. You can use these games to help you learn English! http://t.cn/RZS8OVX ​

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Hello, Beloveds. Do you want to learn to write good sentences and improve your grammar during the holidays? I am offering an online writing course by email. You can find the information on my blog: http://t.cn/RZalCdd Let me know if you're interested! ​

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Hi, Guys. I posted this article I wrote for the Shenzhen Daily to my blog, and added a picture, and some notes and questions. Enjoy! http://t.cn/RZqeXOc ​

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Joseph Campbell's books have been some of my best teachers. I really like what he said here. ​

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ENGLISH STUDY in this week's Shenzhen Daily: 12/29/14 The "L" Words (lay/lie, lead/led, lose/loose) http://t.cn/RZGTEfu 12/30/14 Coming or Going? (come/go, bring/take, borrow/lend) http://t.cn/RZGTEfD 1/1/15 Sir Francis Bacon (wrote "Essays") http://t.cn/RZGTEfm ​

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From this week's Shenzhen Daily: Huayan Temple, Datong, Shanxi http://t.cn/RZGTqvH ​

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Many people make New Year's resolutions--promises to be better people. It reminds me what Socrates (苏格拉底) said: "The unexamined life is not worth living." He said we needed to think about how to become better people EVERY DAY. THAT would be a good resolution! ​

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新Happy New Year, my Lovelies. ​

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I'll have to change my avatar, because this is how I look now. ​

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Me and some of my many darling students. ​

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I've been using WeChat a lot lately (find me there as jamesbaquet). Here are some things I've posted for Christmastime. On top: A card I made with a Filipino Santa. Then, below: my mom and my great nephews; with my wife; angry Santa; and with my cousin when we were little. ​

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I haven't used Weibo in a long time. It looks like it's still mostly shoes, makeup, and underwear. ​

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These books were delivered to my mom's house. I'll bring them back to China and start teaching private lessons from them. I can't wait! ​

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A FREE Lesson about a proverb: ​

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Hi, guys. Don't forget: I'm on WeChat (微信) as JamesBaquet Let's connect! ​

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Hi, guys. I've started using WeChat (a little). My ID is JamesBaquet. ​

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对@思考的泥土 说:Hey, kid. What's the number for posting to Weibo via SMS? (Probably starts with 1069) I had it, but lost in when I had to replace my SIM card last year. Thanks! ​

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My great-nephew and me. ​

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With friends. Do you know where? ​

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Hey! Who's that guy with my former student Venerable Yanti? ​

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