#图观天下#当一档幼儿节目的字幕乱入瑞典政治辩论直播,画风瞬间就严肃不起来了……Politics isn’t usually very funny. In fact, it’s often about as interesting as watching paint dry. But a TV station in Sweden found a way to make a political debate interesting by accidentally pairing ​

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奥巴马夫妇开启度假模式后根本停不下来,这两天又被拍到在意大利撒狗粮。Is anyone having more fun than Barack and Michelle Obama post-presidency? The adorable couple cuddled up while their friend snapped pictures of them in Italy — between the scenery and those smiles, we're sure th ​

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#口语训练营#眼神可以是意味深长的,还可以是含情脉脉的…… 但如果想用一个眼神秒杀对方,让人瑟瑟发抖~ 吼吼~ 这些英文表达大家可以领悟一下。例:They looked daggers at each other across the table.(他们在桌前怒目而视。)更多:http://t.cn/RagxJh4 ​

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戛纳电影节红毯众女星斗艳,咦怎么还乱入了一群“神秘”的中国网红面孔…… From the gorgeous feathered train on Julianne Moore's Givenchy dress to the hand-painted design on Elle Fanning's Vivienne Westwood gown, these are most stylish moments from the 2017 Cannes Film Festival so fa ​

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#图观天下#戏内求婚,戏外结婚,谢耳朵最近的人生太圆满!Jim Parsons has wed beau of 14 years, Todd Spiewak. This comes just after his hit sitcom aired its season 10 finale on Thursday. During the episode, his character proposes to Mayim Bialik’s character. 详情请戳: ​

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#口语训练营# 医疗励志大戏《外科风云》前不久终于收官了,但让小伙伴们没想到的是该剧结局竟暗藏了一枚大彩蛋!胡歌本尊出镜,扮演一名迟到的童鞋,用的竟然还是本名,而且还喊了靳东大哥,秒变“医院版《伪装者》”。这满满的回忆杀英文咋说?Maybe this photograph will jog your memory.(或许这张 ​

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#口语训练营#虽说网上流传着“总数套路得人心”这句话,但是世纪君还是觉得做人应该少点儿套路,多些真诚。所以,盆友们,今天咱们就来交交心,说说“套路”英文都咋说~ 例如:He went into his usual "I'm the head of the family" routine.他又搬出了“我是一家之主”那一套。更多: ​

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#图观天下#毕业季又要到了,外国女网友们纷纷穿上了妈妈当年在毕业舞会上穿的那条礼裙……More and more teens these days are donning their moms' old frocks to the big night, and you know what? They look absolutely bomb. 更多请戳:http://t.cn/RaIF7WW ​

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#口语训练营#捂脸、捂眼、辣眼睛…… 多看一眼你都发自内心地觉得嫌弃,这种不可描述的感受,来看看歪果仁都是怎么吐槽的吧~例:You can't go out like that. Your hair looks a fright! (你不能这么出门。你的头发太难看了!)更多:http://t.cn/Raf78mN ​

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#图观天下#哈里王子和女票终于发狗粮了,球场边拥抱实力演绎“霸道总裁爱上我”。Prince Harry and girlfriend Meghan Markle looked every inch the loved-up couple as they embraced on the sidelines of an exclusive polo event. 详情请戳:http://t.cn/ ​

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#图观天下# 《时尚芭莎》用经典杂志女郎照点亮纽约帝国大厦为自己庆生,感受到了时尚圣经の壕气。New York's famed Empire State Building lit up with sky-high iconic fashion photographs after nightfall last Wednesday to celebrate the 150th anniversary of style magazine Harper's Bazaar. ​

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#图观天下#威廉凯特上BBC节目自曝宅家趣事,没想到你们是这样的王子王妃……Kate and William have given an unprecedented glimpse into their surprisingly normal life behind closed doors in a very candid radio interview. The pair dropped in on the Scott Mills show and were surprisingly ​

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#图观天下#贝嫂获封OBE勋章,和小贝组成OBE勋章夫妻档,羡慕这样势均力敌的爱情!Victoria Beckham received an OBE last Wednesday - more than 13 years after her husband and the former England captain was granted the same title for his services to football. 详情请戳: ​

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#图观天下#贝嫂过个生日亲朋好友都把她宠成了少女,果然是真·人生赢家不解释。 Victoria Beckham has been inundated with heartfelt messages from her family to celebrate her birthday. 详情请戳:http://t.cn/RXaw11q ​

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【倒计时3天!北师大二附中、首师大附中、布鲁克林学院等40所学校招生官在等您】4月23日(星期日),北京歌华开元大酒店,近40所名校齐聚中国日报社•21世纪春季公益教育展!为您提供择校参考及国际化教育理念,还有惊喜好礼相送!报名参加戳这里:http://t.cn/RXPIxKG 更多活动详请: ​

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#图观天下#这对情侣在世界各地到处逛吃逛吃,Ins上发张照片就能赚9000美元……Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen have been living what most people on Instagram would call “life goals” since they met in Fiji last year. Not only do they spend their days documenting their world travels with ​

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#口语训练营#上个周末,相信不少小伙伴们都跑去影院围观飙车大片《速度与激情8》(The Fate of the Furious)了,这些惊心动魄的大场面是不是太刺激了?这样让人肾上腺素飙升的场面,怎么能少得了超燃的台词呢?刷完大片,想想你还记得几句?戳这里:http://t.cn/RXxeX2K ​

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#图观天下#羽毛眉是最新的潮流趋势,对不起我真的有点不懂时尚……The beauty world never ceases to surprise us. It feels like there is a new trend every other day and each of them is crazier than the one before. And the latest Insta-trend is “feather brows”. ​

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【倒计时7天!北师大二附中、首师大附中、布鲁克林学院等40所学校招生官在等您】4月23日(星期日),北京歌华开元大酒店,近40所名校齐聚中国日报社•21世纪春季公益教育展!为您提供择校参考及国际化教育理念,还有惊喜好礼相送!报名参加戳这里:http://t.cn/RXPIxKG 更多活动详请: ​

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#口语训练营#在这个每天都有新鲜事儿发生的世界里,作为一枚有想法的好少年,你总要时常表达一下自己的看法吧~ 内心OS:当然的~小伙伴们,要是只知道I think这一种表达会不会说着有点儿腻咧?今天世纪君来就来帮你换换口味!例如: She looks ridiculous in that hat, if you ask me.(我看,她戴着那个 ​

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