We are using three-layer co-extrusion blow moulding method to produce 0.40 mm HDPE geomembrane with a width of 10 meters and a length of 100 meters. It can be used in water storage ponds and fish ponds. http://t.cn/Ex2ZrYz ​

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GRIGM13HDPE geomembrane Width: 3-8 metres Thickness 0.75mm-2.0mm Yield elongation: 12% Elongation at break: 700% Resistance to environmental stress cracking: 300h ​

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Where can I buy geomembrane in China? Please come to Mount Taishan, Shandong Province to find the impervious membrane Gonie Shengzhen mobile phone Wechat 13953895268 ​

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Geomembrane is my major. You just need it. We are producing 2.0mm HDPE geomembrane. ​

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2019-02-17,泰安防渗膜哥聂圣珍创业连载0777.(QQ1092125713).1.50mmHDPE Geomembrane ​

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汶河国家湿地公园 ​

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大年初六,泰安喜降瑞雪。 ​

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泰山岱庙 ​

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送你总书记的祝福 点击查看送你的祝福 http://t.cn/EtFVkZz ​

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Years go by and seasons run by. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, Gonie Shengzhen, an impermeable membrane, has paid you New Year's greetings at the foot of Mount Tai, the sole mountain of Wuyue. Wish you a happy New Year, a happy family, a happy New Year of the Pig! ​

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HDPE防渗土工膜|沼气池防渗土工膜|莲藕种植防渗土工膜|山东泰山永峰环保材料有限公司 http://t.cn/RU9buSr ​

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Taishan Winter Scenery ​

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