Reel East offers another rare item of Hong Kong memorabilia with this lobbycard set for 'Shanghai, Shanghai'. We also have our exclusive director commentary for the film elsewhere on the site. ​

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The Sole Culture store at the Hong Kong Cultural Museum in Shatin is so happy to have copies of my books, they even assigned a Bruce Lee lookalike staff member to receive the copies. 😉 And if you can't make it to Shatin, both books are available from ​

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A great documentary style promo for Cinemax's upcoming 'Warrior', based on a concept by Bruce Lee. It features our old friend, the Hong Kong-based actor Jason Tobin. To find out even more about the late, great Little Dragon, read 'Bruce Lee and I'! ​

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Available now! '36 Chambers of Kung Fu Cinema Vol One' and 'Bruce Lee and I' both by Bey Logan. #brucelee #beylogan #books #李小龙 #电影 ​

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GOD only knows how happy Bey is to see his books in their stores. '36 Chambers of Kung Fu Cinema Vol 1' and 'Bruce Lee and I' are available now at GOD stores in Hong Kong. ​

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Sammo Hung is the Hong Kong International Film Festival's Film-maker in Focus. He's in focus at Reel East all the time, but, in celebration of this, we're presenting a whole pile of new Sammo memorabilia, starting with this crazy cool lobbycard set from his action comedy classic ​

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Reel East hits Amazon! Our Gordon Liu Special Edition is now available on the world's greatest media site. Kindle users can now buy this introduction to five kung fu classics from one of the greatest martial arts movie stars of all time! The book brings together four chapters fro ​

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新年快乐 ​

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謝謝 #幫拖# 的專訪。It was an honour to be interviewed on one of China's major social networking platform 幫拖 ​

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歡迎#波兰[地点]# 朋友來探訪我的#武館# #武藝館# Great to welcome my new Polish friend Mi Lo to my Kwai Fong office/school. Anyone visiting Hong Kong is welcome to come by to experience kung fu or movies or both! ​

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懷念#陈自强去世# It was an honour to be together with so many old friends from the Hong Kong industry at a commemoration of the life of Willie Chan, legendary talent manager and film producer. Everyone knows Willie was a key figure in the development of Jackie Chan's career. It w ​

2017-11-24 10:50转发|评论 ​

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Bey with action icon Steven Seagal #Steven Seagal[電影]# and The Man of Tai Chi himself, Tiger Chen #陈虎tiger# . ​​​​

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Bey in Bangkok with action icons Scott Adkins and Iko Uwais. ​

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Bey in Bangkok with Tiger Chen #陈虎tiger# , Scott Adkins, Iko Uwais and producer JC. ​

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為荷蘭來的學生準備講議。My white board notes for my lecture(s) to the students from Nyenrode. Enjoy! ​

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感謝#香港理工大学# 邀請我擔任電影系周年晚會的特別嘉賓,當晚的主題是#奥斯卡# 之夜!I had a blast meeting the undergraduates at Hong Kong's City U when I was guest of honour at their Annual Dinner. Probably the nearest I'll get to an Oscar... ​

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我在#OrangePeel# 舉行的電影工作坊的更多照片。Thanks to Tobie for these further images from a fun evening at Hong Kong Filmhouse. Thanks to everyone who attended, and to Max for creating our musical moment! ​

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感謝各位出席我為 香港電影工作坊 #HongKongFilmhouse# 在#OrangePeel# 的講座!It was such a pleasure to talk at the Hong Kong Filmhouse at Orange Peel yesterday. Thanks so much to everyone who attended and filled the room with so much bright energy. And to Tobie, Max and David, with ​

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