Welcome to meet me on Shanghai at the Gala event miss France contest. ​

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One shot from the Balmain fashion show. ​

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# hello from the Balmain fashion show in Beijing today. Very nice collection, Paris chic, ready to wear. Cheers ​

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I gave a lecture at Esmod in Beijing - the famous french fashion design school in Beijing: A successful first Impression ​

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分享图片 ​

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The Hugo Boss fashion show! ​

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The new 2012 Hugo Boss campaign - nice. ​

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This is Palima Sanchez and me at the Hugo Boss Fashion show last night. Great show, super collection and the best aftershow party!!! Yeah ​

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Hello Everyone, I would like to welcome you to my new site & weibo feed. I will be updating regularly with whats going on in and around the global fashion and luxury sector as well as general goings on in the social scene - looking forward, ciao! ​

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Hello World! ​

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