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Jin Yong has died at the age of 94.[失望] ​

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Iris pro is free for a short time. http://t.cn/E7n7LwL ​

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Exclusive offer for everyone with Hosting at StableHost! Register 5 TLD for FREE! (First year!) Discount Code: FREEDOMAIN (link: http://t.cn/RF6YcbT stablehost.com/domains.php NOTE! This offer is valid for one domain per TLD (Maximum 5 domains) ​

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Reeder 3 (Mac and IOS) can download for free now! http://t.cn/RF7Cmbb ​

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In Jakarta Palembang 2018 Asian Games, the Net-Chinese will offer .tw domain for free 1 year when the Taiwanese win the gold medal. http://t.cn/Rk8N05w ​

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Get one free .ooo domain https://www.buy.ooo/ coupon code:GETOOO ​

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[limit free]TextGrabber 6 – Real-Time OCR by ABBYY http://t.cn/R1FQepR ​

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Get Bitdefender Total Security for free 6 Months http://t.cn/R1dq4TG ​

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The new version of OneDrive app on IOS, has supported to share link with anyone with the OneDrive for Business. [嘻嘻] ​

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The rclone has released 1.41 version, which support to mount OneDrive for Business via WebDAV without root privilege~ http://t.cn/RuQtPov ​

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Ant Download Manager Pro free now for a limit time~ http://t.cn/RuTFFUs ​

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ddos-guard offers free CDN and SSL for single domain~~ http://t.cn/RmjKtYM ​

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The last version of OneDrive client supports "Files On-Demand"!!![good][good][good] Your files will be stored online but you will browse through them and open them using File Explorer on your computer, exactly like you do now with the files on your hard drive. ​

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Watch the last episode (131) of the Dragon Ball Super online~~~ http://t.cn/RmfvD26 ​

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ProtonMail announces today the launch of a new mail address(pm.me) which make ProtonMail both more secure and easier to use. ​

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Dragon Ball Super episode 130 Subbed http://t.cn/RnceZop ​

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[Let's Encrypt] ACME v2 and Wildcard Certificate Support is Live. See detail: http://t.cn/RnhX1gL ​

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Azure offers free $100 credit for student! http://t.cn/RE1xTsv ​

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 Subbed online http://t.cn/REprDrp ​

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升级联通客户端,进入“发现”—>“领福利”,领取100M全国流量 ​

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