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"Regional" RSMS ok again in WA: http://t.cn/R6KoMnP ​

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Book quickly to ensure your place at this Australian Migration seminar in Kuala Lumpur this Friday: http://t.cn/R4hYFud ​

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Global Enterprises Group opens office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: ow.ly/VwgxG ​

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我上传了:【视频:Partner Visa Australia Part 6 (two stage process)】http://t.cn/RyvfSUk(来 @优酷 看我更多精彩视频:http://t.cn/RLsnXAv) ​

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我上传了:【视频:Partner Visa Australia Part 3 (subclass 820:801 visa overview)】http://t.cn/RLs3in0(来 @优酷 看我更多精彩视频:http://t.cn/RLsnXAv) ​

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我上传了:【视频:Partner Visa Australia Part 2 (subclass 309:100 visa overview)】http://t.cn/RLsmFOP(来 @优酷 看我更多精彩视频:http://t.cn/RLsnXAv) ​

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我上传了:【视频:Partner Visa Australia Part 1 (overview of the Australian Partner Visa】http://t.cn/RLsnXws(来 @优酷 看我更多精彩视频:http://t.cn/RLsnXAv) ​

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New complying investment framework to be announced in early May 2015 http://t.cn/RA2L2FH ​

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At 30th September, over $2.18bn has been invested across Australia under SIV programme by 436 primary applicants #SIV http://t.cn/R7MzcRd ​

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Investors required to meet a threshold of $15m for the new Premium Investor Visa (PIV) globalenterprisesgroup.com/blog/921/ ​

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457 programme changes: 457 minimum salary (TSMIT) will stay at $53,900 for next 2 years http://t.cn/R7MMg66 ​

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Assistant Minister Cash announces priorities for SIV and 457 programmes at policy breakfast http://t.cn/R7MzcRd ​

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@GEGroupPtyLtd MD James Clarke with Australian Assistant Minister for Immigration Senator Cash pic.twitter.com/JVpEUiYqc2 ​

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Prime Minister Abbott announces changes to 457 programme on the back of review ow.ly/D1kdE ​

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457 programme changes: start up companies will have 18 months in their initial sponsorship: http://t.cn/R7IUgs8 ​

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Global Enterprises Group July 2014 Migration Update is now available for download: http://t.cn/zl7yTqd ​

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We are looking forward to speaking @CurtinUni today on post study work-rights and how to get into the workforce at #curtinopenday ​

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457 review to focus is on ‘how to maintain integrity, whilst not placing unnecessary admin burdens on business’ ow.ly/yu4oS ​

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ACBC President Duncan Calder talks to SBS about China FTA http://t.cn/8sVO9nq ​

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A list of 'flagged' occupations potentially being pulled of the SOL in July: http://t.cn/8sbgNPN ​

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