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Linda鍾嘉欣 :lovelovelove演唱會 的新海報! 請多多支持!

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今日終於再使用微博了! ​

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好久都冇使用微博了![悲伤] ​

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Still not quite used to weibo as of yet. To those who are familiar, do help me out haha. ​

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I haven't posted here in quite some time already! [失望] I frequent twitter & instagram more though >< ​

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@Linda鍾嘉欣 Being able to shake your hand and receiving a simple "謝謝"from you yesterday was a dream come true! [爱你] I've waited so long for that and I'll remember 13/04/13 for the rest of my life. You are amazing! [爱你] ​

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@Linda鍾嘉欣 I hope you like the present my friends and I specially put together for you! [爱你] (It was in a big pink gift bag with a red ribbon) [呵呵] I hope you read our letters, and thank you for coming to Singapore! [爱你] ​

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請大家支持我的Instagram Fan Account :lindachungbb [呵呵] ​

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@Linda鍾嘉欣 You're gorgeous 嘉欣BB! Love you lots! I've been your fan since I was a kid! [爱你][爱你][爱你] ​

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@周丽淇niki 你好可愛啊!你的感染力也非常強,<我的如意郎君> 的最後一集我整整哭了至少 30 分鐘!你好令哦![爱你]

抱歉,根据作者设置的微博可见时间范围,此微博已不可见。 ​

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@周丽淇niki 超愛你哦![爱你][爱你][爱你] <最美麗的第七天>、<天幕下的戀人>,& <我的如意郎君>真的很好看!讓我哭了不少! ​

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@Linda鍾嘉欣 從instagram聽說你生病了![泪][悲伤] 多休息,希望你早日康復![心] ​

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Weibo makes such a cute sound when there are new status updates haha. ​

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生日快樂 @蕭正楠Edwin [呵呵][做鬼脸][蛋糕][礼物][蜡烛] 你演的戲真好看! ​

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//@Linda鍾嘉欣: Happy birthday Yap! 開心快樂everyday!!! [哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]

陈敏之 :Happy B Day To 大駙馬!祝你心想事成!步步高升!天天喜樂!@蕭正楠Edwin

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