<Magazine>《纽约客》_The New Yorker 2020年5月18日,PDF下载链接: http://t.cn/A6A3ssod 提取码: fj54 ​

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<Ebook>《牛津英文经典_伊索寓言·Aesop's Fable》 by Laura Gibbs , ePub 下载链接: http://t.cn/A6AYYwdM 提取码: nxed 《伊索寓言》诞生于两千多年前的古希腊,被誉为西方寓言的始祖,它的出现奠定了寓言作为一种文学体裁的基石,对后世产生了深远的影响,脍炙人口的《狼来了》《龟兔赛跑》《狐狸 ​

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<Magazine>《科学美国人中文版_Scientific American 》2020年4月 ,PDF下载链接: http://t.cn/A6AYlPoq 提取码: g3sw ​

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<Magazine>《科学美国人·Scientific American》 2020年5月 ,PDF下载链接: http://t.cn/A6AYWBjk 提取码: 6hhe ​

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<Magazine>《国家地理杂志中文版_National Geographic》 2020年 4月,PDF下载链接: http://t.cn/A6w3rNkC 提取码: yzk9 ​

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<Magazine>《大西洋月刊》(The Atlantic)_2020年5月,PDF 下载链接: http://t.cn/A6w3rvoW 提取码: h5p8 ​

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<Ebook>《我们为什么睡觉·Why We Sleep Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams》 by Matthew Walker, epub 下载链接: http://t.cn/A6wQEZ2z 提取码: 4n23 “Why We Sleep is an important and fascinating book…Walker taught me a lot about this basic activity that every person on Earth ne ​

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<Magazine>英国儿童杂志 Storytime 2020年4月,PDF下载链接: http://t.cn/A6wQ8L8s 提取码: mpvf Storytime is a brilliant story magazine packed with fun stories and gorgeous illustrations. In each issue you can treat little story fans to classic fairy tales, funny poems, exciting myth ​

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<Ebook>Best Practice Book for IELTS Writing: 230 IELTS Writing Samples by by Monira Khaton (Author), Dr. Md Munan Shaik (Editor) , PDF下载链接: http://t.cn/A6wYsXYJ 提取码: mry5 Simple book contain different levels of vocabulary focusing mainly for IELTS writing part. Those pr ​

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<Ebook>《机器、平台、大众_ Machine, Platform, Crowd: Harnessing Our Digital Future》 by Andrew McAfee & Erik Brynjolfsson , ePub 下载链接: http://t.cn/A6wpVVLB 提取码: txvp ★★Amazon.com商业理财Top1 ★★ ★★全球畅销书《第二次机器时代》作者最新力作 ★★ 两位MIT数位顶尖科学家 ​

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<Magazine>《哈佛商业评论·Harvard Business Review》中文版 2020年4月,PDF下载链接: http://t.cn/A6wpGHyQ 提取码: cfit ​

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<Magazine>《哈佛商业评论·Harvard Business Review USA》英文版_ 2020年5-6月,PDF下载链接: http://t.cn/A6wpGbO4 提取码: dbad ​

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<Ebook>IELTS Reading_A Collection of IELTS Reading Exercises by Shamim, PDF下载链接: http://t.cn/A6wiYXrh 提取码: ri4k 38 exercises to improve Reading skills for the IELTS exam. With answers. ​

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