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#抗战胜利70周年# 11个徒步方队、27个地面装备方队和10个空中梯队和2个老兵方队参阅。A total of 50 formations of the People's Liberation Army, including 11 foot phalanxes, 27 armament phalanxes, ten echelon formations of aircraft and two veteran teams, are attending the parade. ​

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#抗战胜利70周年# Under the clear sky of an early Autumn morning, fresh parterres and colorful flags adorn Tian'anmen Square. @BeijingHour @英语环球广播 ​

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#抗战胜利70周年# 军乐队和200名国旗护卫队官兵踏上红地毯中轴线。Military marching band and 200 national flag guards walking on the red carpet during the Victory Day parade. @BeijingHour @英语环球广播 ​

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#抗战胜利70周年# 会见来宾 greet foreign leaders and representatives @BeijingHour @英语环球广播 ​

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#抗战胜利70周年# 天安门广场。蓝色工作车为红旗,首长检阅用车也正在待命,仍将是红旗。Tian'anmen Square before the military parade.The blue broadcast vehicle is of China's domestic brand Hong Qi. The chief's inspection vehicle is also a Hong Qi.@BeijingHour @英语环球广播 ​

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#抗战胜利70周年# 阅兵前各种准备工作。The hours before the grand military parade.@BeijingHour @英语环球广播 ​

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#抗战胜利70周年# security check.@BeijingHour @英语环球广播 ​

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#抗战胜利70周年#观众入座将满,距离阅兵还有不到两个小时。The audience arrives at the Tiananmen Square.@BeijingHour @英语环球广播 ​

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#抗战胜利70周年# 所有人都在阅兵前做最后准备工作。People are preparing for the Victory Day Parade.@BeijingHour @英语环球广播 ​

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#抗战胜利70周年#距离阅兵还有不到4个小时的时间,记者们已经通过安检,在天安门前守候了一夜。Journalists are going through the security check for the Victory Day Parade on September 3, in Beijing. The commemorative event will start at 10 in the morning.@英语环球广播 @BeijingHour ​

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#每日一图# Pale Blue Dot is a photograph of planet Earth taken on February 14, 1990, by the Voyager 1 space probe from a record distance of about 6 billion kilometers.《暗淡蓝点》是一张由旅行者1号拍摄的著名地球照片之一,显示了地球悬浮在太阳系漆黑的背景中。 ​

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Former Senior CPC Official Dies at Age 100 - (分享自 @CRI英闻天下) ​

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【美好翻译】With this hand,I will lift your sorrows. Your cup will never empty,for I will be your wine. With this candle,I will light your way in darkness. With this ring, I ask you to be mine. 执子之手,承汝之忧。 愿为甜酿,盈汝之杯。 但如明烛,为汝之光。 永佩此誓,与汝偕老。 ​

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S.Korea, DPRK Trade Fires in Border over Propaganda Broadcasts - (分享自 @CRI英闻天下) ​

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CPC Expels Corrupt Shanxi Official - (分享自 @CRI英闻天下) ​

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