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刚刚将投票了。今天我们选印度议员。23号能找到谁赢了。[微笑] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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明天我们将投票选举印度议员。 http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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印度西孟加拉邦欢迎你[微笑] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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It's time to unfold the wings and fly to where there is love ... http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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swarup :泰戈尔 Tagore - A Fountain Awakened - recitation & English translation by SDTZF。更多精彩,尽在优酷视频。 http://t.cn/RGptIhN

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我喜欢照相, 希望发给你茉莉花的香[微笑] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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台风Fani 可能后天达到加尔各答😥😢😭 http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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Some more photos of Gadiara taken last year [微笑] 恒河还有 Rupnarayan江的合流、去年雨季的涨潮和退潮的时候拍了。 http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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Me & my school friends are planning to buy this land. It's less than 80kms from my house, on the banks of the confluence of River Rupnarayan & Hooghly / Ganges. We hope to build a small but beautiful & romantic hotel here. Hope you'll come to enjoy. http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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马上暴雨来[浮云][下雨][微风] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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This week of Easter started with the fire in Notre-Dame Church of Paris. Heard of bombing in 3 churches of Colombo, SriLanka today. I'm not Christian but it's sad to see such accidents and terrorist attacks during Easter. Let there be peace. http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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我和我同学好朋友们 http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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Notre-Dame de Paris, dix ans avant et aujourd'hui. Je suis très triste [悲伤] ​

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今天是印度孟加拉邦的新年,愿都好好的 🙏 শুভ নববর্ষ ১৪২৬ http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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我们这里节日很多。昨天一个节日了,今天还有一个,明天是新年,然后星期三和星期五也是节日和放假[嘻嘻] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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很久没给你们说 周末快乐 http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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节日的花🙏[心][微风] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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Egg Masala (spicy Indian preparation) http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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Time for tiny to cheer up [微笑] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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No matter if the summer gets hotter, let the smile of hearts make the spirit of life brighter than ever ... http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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