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我喜欢吃这个菜[馋嘴] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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与加尔各答相关的第六个诺贝尔奖 6th Nobel prize linked to Kolkata. Dr. Abhijit Banerjee received the Nobel prize 2019 in economics yesterday wearing normal Bengali dress. His wife Esther Duflo, who shared the Nobel prize, was also wearing a saree. http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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这么愉快 http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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也想触摸天空 http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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An evening to remember, when the sky turned amber[微笑] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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@soumidutta শুভ জন্মদিন Happy Birthday 生日快乐 http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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Thanks to all on this evening of Thanksgiving🙏[握手][作揖] http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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A calm end of another day ... http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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Back home to care for flowers [微笑] 我回来了家,关心我最爱的花 http://t.cn/R0Qzw2a ​

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Last dinner in Chongqing until I return! http://t.cn/z8yX7Z9 ​

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今天的印度菜[馋嘴] 朋友们喜欢了[微笑]所以我也很开心啦[微笑] http://t.cn/z8yX7Z9 ​

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今天很开心了,重庆话说我有喝麻了[嘻嘻] http://t.cn/R2L8xoc ​

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Let the destination be bright too with the light of happy hearts glowing with love & peace ... http://t.cn/z8yX7Z9 ​

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我回来了重庆[可爱] http://t.cn/z8yX7Z9 ​

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3U8974 马上起飞,我回去重庆、 再见 http://t.cn/z8AFu23 ​

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上海国际进口博览会结束了。发这几天的几个照片。 http://t.cn/R7bPOae ​

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A weekend in Shanghai before China International Import Expo (CIIE) with @此生不做普通人 http://t.cn/Rfd3MIU ​

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现在我在上海[微笑] http://t.cn/R7bPOae ​

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马上去上海 (SC4949) 但是我十一号晚上再回来重庆,再好好做工作,再吃火锅,再吃麻辣小面和豌杂面,再跟好朋友们一起玩。再见,再见,再见 ... http://t.cn/RS8FaWN ​

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Best wishes for all on this evening of Diwali and Kali puja🙏 http://t.cn/8k0jxj0 ​

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