Common Ground Conference 2018 Divided Selves and Societies in Irish and American Literature and Culture 26 – 27 October 2018 ​

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CfP: Conference 4-6 July 2019- 2nd International Congress on Translation, Interpreting and Cognition. Interdisciplinarity: the Way out of the Box. Germersheim, Germany. Submission deadline is 01 February 2019 More information will be coming soon: ​

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#IATIS2018 Just announced #IATIS2021 at University of Cyprus ​

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Reasons to join IATIS: Routledge and IATIS co-fund two regional workshops each academic year. A maximum of £750 is available for each workshop. In order to apply, you must be an IATIS member. Join now! ​

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Fancy learning about #media #translation and #digital #culture? SJTU Media translation and digital culture research summer school 2019 programme: ​

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IATIS invites proposals to host the 2021 Conference. Email JulieBoeri Chair of Conference Committee by 30 May w IATIS 2021 Proposal in subject line ​

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A gentle reminder to IATIS members. If you wish to continue receiving email communication from us, including the IATIS Bulletin, then please be sure to hit subscribe within the email sent out a few days ago. ​

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UITIS 7th Webinar Event Features Prof Munday In the 7th event of the widely welcomed series of specialised webinars on Tranlsation and Interpreting Studies organised by the University of Isfahan, Prof Jeremy Munday will be giving a talk on 'Evaluation, Appraisal Theory and Transl ​

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Key Cultural Texts in Translation ​

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4th International Conference on Itineraries in Translation History ​

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Translating Europe: Translating Audiovisual Europe - the Power and Pitfalls of the Amateur ​

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The Centre for Translation and Textual Studies (CTTS) invites applications for Marie Curie Individual Fellowships. ​

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Routledge Benefits for IATIS Members ​

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CfP: Special Issue of “Interpreter and Translator Trainer” on Ergonomics (Deadline: 20 July 2018) ​

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CALL FOR PROPOSALS TO HOST THE 7th IATIS CONFERENCE (2021) deadline 30 May, for more info: ​

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PhD in translation studies, University of Geneva ​

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IATIS Call for volunteer English-into-Chinese translators ​

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IATIS Call for volunteer English-into-Chinese translators ​

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IATIS 6th International Conference - Hong Kong, 3-6 July 2018 - Translation and Cultural Mobility ​

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#伍晶晶Confucianism的红包#Boomshakalaka!我在伍晶晶Confucianism 的红包中抽到了@理财平台 提供的“188元理财大礼包”,2017年的小惊喜!也许你的惊喜更大哦~ ​

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